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Nancy - Cary, NC

"I want to thank Tony for arriving at my house within hours of having a leak...I was out of town and received a call from my neighbor. I will write a comment but I wanted to say a special thank you to him for calling me to let me know the problem had been taken care of! I have recommended Bio Turf to 4 of my friends who were having a difficult time with their current irrigation companies".

Thank you again!!!


"Dear Bio Turf Irrigation,

Thank you for your donation to the Tri-Area Ministry Food Pantry. Your generosity helps make it possible for us to provide vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products to almost 800 families in need each month."


Jerry Bender

Tri-Area Ministry Board Member

Larry H. - Raleigh, NC

"prompt turnaround of the request. The service was performed within a week and the sprinkler repairs were done well."

Alex S. - Clayton, NC

"Based on pricing Bio-Turf was the best. Based on customer service and satisfaction Bio-Turf and our installer, Anthony exceeded all expectations. Our install was finished over a month ago and I have kept the Bio-Turf sign in my front yard to advertise on their behalf."

Jim B. - 12/19/2017

"Technician was great. He provided good information and fulfilled job requirements. I will continue using Bio Turf Irrigation due to him"

Olga B. - Wake Forest, NC

Quality, Timeliness, Customer Service, Other, Thoroughness

"Technician was thorough. He explained all issues in great details and double checked his work before he left. I will definitely use this service again and refer my family and friends."

Diane D. - Youngsville, NC

"the serviceman was polite and professional -- the problem was not outwardly noticeable, but he persevered and found it. I would highly recommend Bio turf to my friends."