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Irrigation Upgrades

If your irrigation system is two or more years old, it may already be outdated. Many believe that once an irrigation system is installed, that's it...they're good forever. Plant growth, a poorly designed system and outdated parts can lead to wasting water – and with today’s water rates, that’s a lot of money that could literally be going down the drain! Upgrading to a Wi-Fi controller, pressure regulated rotors, pressure regulated sprays with MP nozzles and check valves can have up to 60% in water savings. The Bio Turf team is committed to providing our customers with the best in quality products and service.


Irrigation Installation


Installation of an irrigation system begins with the overall design of the system, placement of the pipes, sprinkler heads, valves and control panel. Bio Turf works alongside the homeowner, contractor or landscaper to bring the project to life while maintaining emphasis on conserving our natural resource (water). With this in mind, we focus on new technology like Smart control panels. These panels automatically adjust water scheduling according to information received from local weather stations. That information gathered will prompt the control panel to suspend or adjust watering based on temperature, predicted or actual rainfall. In addition to updating your system with pressure regulated rotors, sprays, valves with flow control and MP nozzles will lead to significant water savings from your sprinkler system, saving you time, money and water!



Irrigation Repairs



When it comes to servicing and repairing an existing irrigation system, the Bio Turf team can handle the job. Our experiences technicians can work on all brand name irrigation systems. If you are having one of the most common issues below, contact us TODAY to schedule a service appointment:

  • Irrigation system will not turn on

  • Leaking constantly from one or more sprinkler heads

  • Irrigation system will not shut off

  • Broken sprinkler heads

  • System is watering when it is raining

  • Higher than normal water bill

  • Wet areas in the lawn

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