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With a passion and a desire to develop a lawn care program that has less impact on our environmental and do more for our planet. We partner with the Carbon Earth company, which produce a sustainable fertilizer that builds soil organic carbon without a bunch of human waste that could potentially cause environmental problems. Their products with slow release technology deliver a soil with higher organic carbon, greater soil surface area, and a lawn that can now fix more atmospheric carbon than any other lawn maintained with a granular fertilizer. Also, their mission of being "stewards of the environment" matches our mission of "loving our planet one lawn at a time."


Lawn care enhances the color, thickness and beauty of your lawn. It is essential to follow an annual lawn care program that promotes deep root growth, fights weeds, provides proper proportions of nutrients, addresses insect infestations and lawn diseases in order to promote and maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. The program consists of planned, comprehensive, timely scheduled visits of your property for treatments of needed materials at the proper rates. Annually, from early spring to early winter, your lawn will be carefully inspected by your licensed technician. We offer a Bermuda grass program and three fescue lawn care programs. They are the Elite, Pro and the Classic. The Elite program is our top of the line program. It is for lawns that need major care but also for lawns that have moderate or minor issues. The Pro program is for lawns that need moderate care. The Classic program is for lawns that is overall in good shape but need minor touches. The Bermuda program is strictly designed for Bermuda grass and other warm season grasses. If your lawn does not fall into one of our current programs, we have the ability to create a program that will enhance your lawn care needs.


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