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Irrigation Upgrades

If your irrigation system is two or more years old, it may already be outdated. Many believe that once an irrigation system is installed, that's it...they're good forever. Plant growth, a poorly designed system and outdated parts can lead to wasting water - and with today's water rates, that's a lot of money that could be literally be going down the drain! Upgrading to a wi-fi smart controller, pressure regulated rotors, pressure regulated sprays with MP nozzles and check valves can have up 60% in water savings. The Bio Turf team is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Irrigation Start-Up Service

Our team of technicians will check all the components of your system to ensure it is fully functional for the watering season. This service includes:

  • Reattaching the backflow and pressurizing the system

  • Inspecting the main and lateral lines for any leaks

  • Turning on each zone to evaluate whether adjustments or repairs are needed

  • Adjusting sprinkler heads as needed for optimal coverage

  • Checking the rain sensor to make sure it's operational

  • Programming the controller for the current watering requirements

Irrigation Repairs

When it comes to servicing and repairing an existing irrigation system, the Bio Turf team can handle the job. Our experience technicians can work on all brand name irrigation systems. If you are having one of the most common issues below, contact us TODAY to schedule a service appointment:

  • Irrigation system will not come on

  • Leaking constantly from one or more sprinkler heads

  • Irrigation system will not shut off

  • Broken sprinkler heads

  • System is watering when it is raining

  • Higher than normal water bill

  • Wet areas in the lawn

Winterization Service

Although we typically enjoy mild winters here in Raleigh, NC in comparison to other areas of the country, we still experience freezing temperatures. Consequently, your irrigation system must be shut down to safeguard against major freeze damage. Our winterization service includes:

  • Depressurizing and draining the irrigation water source

  • Blowing any residual water our of the lines for each zone using compressed air

  • Removing the backflow for storage

  • Deactivation the controller

The Bio Turf Team are trained in proper procedures to winterize any size lawn irrigation system.

Backflow Testing

A backflow prevention valve on a lawn irrigation system comes in many sizes and brands. The purpose of the backflow device is to ensure that your domestic drinking water does not become contaminated with the lawn irrigation water. Most city and town water departments in the Raleigh market mandate that the backflow preventers are installed on every water line to an underground lawn irrigation system and tested.

The Bio Turf team has licensed and certified installers and testers that are trained in the proper procedures required by Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, Knightdale and Wake Forest. (excluding  Durham)

Irrigation Service Package

We offer several different irrigation service packages to fit your need and budget. Irrigation systems need regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently year after year. Click on the link irrigation service package to view the packages we offer.

You can email the signed copy to or mail it to the address below:

Bio Turf, LLC

PO Box 1525

Wake Forest, NC 27588


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